This piece of the strategy is to provide convenience to families.  Living in a digital could lead us to spend up to 10 hours on our mobile devices.   With the thought of keeping families in their seats, the strategy looks to reduce the need of frequently having to run and wait at the lines at concessions or restrooms.   This piece of the strategy is to help further family time.  Each tab has a specific meaning which is described below.


The Orioles logo in the bottom left side of the navigation bar at the bottom is an easy access point to home page.  This allows users to easy access the home page instead of closing and having to reopen the app to find the home page.



This application is make the wait times in the bathroom and at concessions a little bit easier.  Information provides a real-time update with whether there is a wait at a concession stand near you or the closest bathrooms.  Other than wait times, it provides the safest places for you and your family to sit during the game.  With color coordination, each section will be highlighted to show the sections where people will be likely to catch a fly ball or where they can sit back and not have to worry about a foul ball.


Bird Feed is the food application that is launching within the app.  Many people enjoy a good hot dog and cotton candy during the series of the game.  With this app, it would help out the vendors that walk up and down the stairs during every game.  It allows you to provides a way to pay through your Apple pay or store a credit card on the app through signing in.  This way, you can enter your seat information and the vendor knows that once he or she reaches your section, that your seat paid for a hot dog or any other ball park snacks.


This feature is not only for the kids but for the adults as well.  It is meant for all ages. With the world becoming more app friendly, this platform will help children remain occupied for the duration of the game.  These games could vary from an electronic scorecard to providing a virtual reality game for kids to explore.  From exploring Eutah Street to trivia, kids and their parents will never be bored in between inning and pitches.



The Orioles Social tab allows people at the ballpark to interact with each and the team.  Before, during and after the game, it is important to keep up with the lineup, pitching changes and replays.  This way, users have an easy access to connect with the team and other fans in the ballpark and at home to chat about statistics, players and the team.