This is the first part of the content strategy.  This piece is to be executed before every game.  A video blog is to be created edited and posted before every game.  The video blog or vlog is to create a more humanistic and authentic connection between the team and their audience.  We see the team members in special events and during the game but seldom outside of the “office”.  This personality will follow along with some players, managers, and key people to the game as well as the people behind the scenes. This will give context to the games and highlight the different characteristics of the club.


The vlog features an artist with qualities that match the picture.  This vlogger will provide the viewers an intriguing and genuine person that is great for video as well as the Orioles brand. It will provide a dynamic way to get in touch with the viewers and allow them to see inside what a day at Camden Yards is like. The image to the right describes the qualities that are suggested in a vlogger.  The vlogger travels and documents every day of the season until the very end.  By the end of the season, the team will re-evaluate what is necessary and what was successful with the artist to continue the series. This concept can be carried through the year with “hot stove baseball” and spring training although, maybe not as intense as during the regular season.

Timeline of Vlog:

The timeline of the vlog should be based on significant events that are happening each day.  During each day, the vlogger may respond to common questions and inquiries that can be shared with the public.  The timeline below is a general way of keeping a consistent flow to each episode.  These are suggestions but the most mandatory event is the Questions and Answers with the fans via Twitter.  For the video, one important aspect is that they must be consistent.  The sequence of the video should have cohesion and consistency that viewers should expect.  Each day of the week could have a particular theme or focus.  With the days that do not have a scheduled activity could be a day that is suggested by the fans.  The fans could choose what the video personality does for the day and what their experience is.

Video Timeline:
  • Time-lapse
    • Sunrise
    • Sunset
    • Crowds entering the stadium
    • Watching concessions
  • Starting the video with a joke
  • Title slide with the date and the location/game
  • Discussion
  • Video shots of the journey to the end of series
  • Finish with someone getting “pied” in the face
  • Finish with the players going out for
    the warm-up
  • High-fives
  • Logo at the very end with website

The tone of the video is playful and upbeat.  The video blogger should have an understanding of what baseball but doesn’t have to know everything.

The video blogger should be taking the viewers on a journey sharing news and happenings involving the team and their players.  This could include charity events, autograph sessions, school visits and the like in addition to game day preparations. These features bring some up close and personal segments from the team to the fans.

Time Length of Video:        

Where it is Shared:

Primary: The video will be shared on YouTube and Facebook to connect with their existing fan base.  It will also be shared with a link Baltimore Orioles Home page.

Secondary:  There will be snippets on Instagram and Twitter to intrigue social media viewers.