Following the game, the strategy involves social media.  It is in a millennials nature to always take picture and share it with their friends.  For this section, the Orioles will present a developed social media campaign called #BirdlandMemories.  Although all of these sections will use the hashtag, this section will specifically be used to showcase the memories that each family and group of friends post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The use of #BirdlandMemories is only to showcase best memories that each family and group of friends have at Camden Yards.  An example could be child’s first ball game or when your family catches a fly ball.  Either way, it illuminates the different aspects of the part of the park that each family considers a tradition or a first-time experience.  Each of these photos using the hashtag will be collected throughout the season.  As they are collected, a screen will be placed around each entrance of the ball park.  On these screens, it will illuminate the different experiences and memories that are unique to every person that posts with the hashtag.  But that is not all.   Every two weeks, there will be a selection.  A selection made by the Oriole Bird that shows the most enthusiasm for the Orioles and the best experience.  These lucky winners will be able to win an autographed baseball by the Oriole bird as well as a pair of tickets to a game of their choosing.

Promoting this campaign, we will see several posts online after the game to remind each fan to post and share their #BirdlandMemories.

Where It is Shared:

Primary Media:  The primary media outlets used to share this content is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Secondary Media:  The secondary places that this content could be shared on Baltimore Orioles.com and sites where you can customize the teams you follow sites like ESPN, CBS Sports and Bleacher Report.