When attending a game, each fan’s experience will be different.  The die-hard fan might hang on every pitch. Parents with kids may search for ways enjoy the game while tending to family needs as they arise.  In both cases, there could be distractions that result in missing a play. The fan could use some additional information or services to make the game more enjoyable. One of the challenges for the Orioles is providing an experience that will be rewarding and result in fans staying for the entire game.  Such experiences are also likely to result in fans, of all types, coming to the ballpark more often.

From research looking into the traditional and non-traditional aspects of a baseball park, we could list the tradition, rituals and even extraneous to entertain the family.  Oriole Park at Camden Yards continues to be ranked as one of the greatest ballparks in the United States and the Orioles want to make it the choice for families to enjoy the game.  This strategy will focus its development energy on women and specifically mothers.   According to the MLB in 2014, women make up 47% of their fan base.  With their high percentage representation in this sports market, we wanted to gear a strategy towards them.

Women are just as diverse as men.  Their needs go beyond wearing team apparel. It involves an interest and engagement in the team and the game.  This large audience indicates they shouldn’t just be listed as people who just buy the merchandise but as possible participants in campaigns and events


Adults and children are impatient.  This has always been apparent among children. Between the innings and with a lot of downtime between pitches, young fans are not fond of waiting.  They enjoy faster paced games like football and basketball.   In this strategy, children are my secondary audience.  The want to be involved in the game and enjoy food as much as their parents who want them to stay put during the game.