The Fans are one of the most crucial aspects to the Baltimore Orioles. When focusing on the franchise, not only are the players important but so are the fans.  Without them, the ballpark would be empty.  The Fans are the reason baseball is “America’s Pastime”.  It goes back to the history of the Orioles and the connection they create through generations and over the years.  The fans loyalty provides a connection to the amusement and the fun that is either related to their family or with friends.  If it wasn’t for the memories, authenticity of the team and rituals, baseball games wouldn’t have any loyal following.  By looking at different clubs across the American League and the National League, I feel this content strategy with provide a basis to connect with new generations as well as the Oriole’s loyal followers.

When learning about the fan’s experiences and what they wanted, it was more about technological insights.  But in order to intrigue them to come to the stadium and leave their worries at home, it is necessary to think of creative ways that would allow them to participate in the Oriole magic and create memories for them and their families.   This is why the strategy is just for them.  Creating memories that will last a lifetime are just as important for children as well as their parents.